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Moving beyond trauma

Using smooth pursuit eye movements,  this therapy works directly to reprogram the way distressing memories and images are stored in the brain so that they no longer trigger strong physical and emotional reactions. "Keep the knowledge, and lose the pain"

These sessions are intensive. Clients who are motivated for change often find this emotionally challenging and incredibly rewarding; it consistently provides relief. Accelerated Resolution Therapy has been demonstrated to have significant clinical results in less than four sessions. 

Accelerated Resolution Therapy has a protocol that is body based and grounded in various psychotherapies.  You will be directed to imagine the problem scene (in-vivo exposure) and the therapist will guide you through processing the scene and sensations in your body. The session involves relaxation techniques, cognitive behavior therapies, Gestalt techniques and voluntary image replacement, all within the window of memory reconsolidation.


In essence, you will be completing a process that facilitates the separation (elimination) of negative physiological sensations associated with recall of traumatic experiences. 

I require at least one assessment/preparation session before engaging in Accelerated Resolution Therapy with clients. This allows me to gather background information and get to know you before diving into deep work of transforming trauma.

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