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April 2021

Virtual Counselling Services are a realistic option these days. Yes, there are self-guided online programs; however I'm talking about virtual sessions with a trained mental health professional. Being able to virtually meet someone, like on Zoom, can enhance the therapeutic relationship and offer the ability for the counsellor to share information and resources in real time.  Phone sessions are also an effective option, and make connecting from remote areas easier.

As you can imagine, virtual or phone sessions may fit into your day easily; saving time and transportation. Also, this helps reduce the risk of COVID-19.

In person sessions are still possible. Health care services are essential, especially during these times. Of course we must weigh the benefits and risks of meeting in person, screen properly, and I'll ask for written consent.  

For Acceleration Resolution Therapy sessions, I require meeting in person and am flexible about the location for this.  Physical presence and attunement are important for this intensive work.  

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