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You don't have to wait

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, relationships, or generally feeling stuck, then counselling is a great choice. During our sessions together you'll see that it is possible to do things differently, be less caught up in your thoughts and feelings, and be present in your own life.

One to one counselling helps many people recover from their darkest spaces and process difficult issues. Often, we find it useful to work through challenges with a safe person with professional ethics and training. We want a counsellor who can offer different perspectives and has many different frameworks to work with. 


Heart forward, I will challenge you find the relationships between your thoughts and expectations, your feelings and body sensations, and what you do (or don't do).  I may ask challenging questions and will help you cultivate compassion and confidence.


Counselling offers nuance and freedom. Each session can help clients increase their awareness, unhook from certain thinking traps, and process their emotions. During session I will help you look beneath - at functions and patterns in your life - so as to unearth a solid foundation for change. 


It is hard work to do hard work. So, we will also focus on who and what matters to you. The medicines of laughter, movement and creative expression are the things that fill us up so that we can do the work. We must attend to these parts of ourselves, and our values, to live with meaning, energy and joy.

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