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One Small Step

It's common to think we must wait. Wait to stay safe, wait for more information, to know the "right" move, for a sign or for a feeling. Research shows, however, that there are times when we really need to take action, in order to get us out of an anxiety cycle, or depressive thinking traps. Action can be one small step. One small change that begins us down a road of practicing change; new ways of thinking about ourselves, new evidence that we can, new mindsets (from fixed, to growth) and new neural pathways. Our brains, incredible as they are, determine what is important based on repetition. So, even if we don't like it when we don't make a call, or don't go outside, or don't commit to ourselves our brain begins to 'think' it's important to stay the same (familiar = comfort) because we've practiced exactly that. Intrigued? Start today. One small step forward. You decide what it is. It may be that your step involves counselling; reaching out for help. If so, I can be reached at

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