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Podcasts & Finding Unexpected Mentors

There is something about the intimacy of conversation between podcasters that creates a space for curiosity. Perhaps it is the content. Or, maybe the links they provide on the show notes page that are rabbit holes of discovery. Or, it could be the links we make in our own imaginations about how the conversation is relevant to us; how we can learn from the podcast, guest or host. There are many you can watch on youtube, or the host's website. The show notes are often found on the host's website. For me, I prefer simply audio. Just me, my earbuds, and the conversations. For me, it lower the 'noise' of visual distraction and creates a sense of openness. Often, I listen when I'm out on a run

Listed below is a quick, short list of my favorite podcasts:

Rich Roll Podcast - Rich Roll hosting deep dive conversations Huberman Lab - Andrew Huberman

AMP - Aubrey Marcus

The Knowing - Ciel Grove

If you can think of a podcast that has been thought provoking or helpful for you please shoot me an email at and let me know. I'd appreciate your input and enjoy expanding my perspectives. I've got some long training runs coming up and could use some suggestions.

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