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Mental Health Professional. MSW RSW

 I grew up in British Columbia Canada, on the unceded traditional territories of the Sylix and Secwepemc nations.


Prior to working in the world of mental health, substance use and healing, I was a child in the medical system; diagnosed at an early age with a chronic health condition. My experiences led me to where I am now.  Before my Master of Social Work Degree, I studied Language and Psychology, which brought me to the world of automotive (say what?) where I worked in service and sales.

I am no stranger to change or to starting over, and while 'she' is feared and sometimes elusive, I am well acquainted with hope.

I have come to know that we exist interdependently. While we are not defined by our biological, psychological, or social reality, these facets influence how we exist in the world and how we experience ourselves. I believe it is imperative to honor the healing process of the individual. To validate the present situation beyond judgement.


Instead of doing the work FOR you, I will offer you tools and guide you through proven processes for healing trauma, while sharing skills for flexibly responding to life.

I will witness, I will listen, heart forward. 


Registered social worker through the BCCSW # 14099 and an active member of the following professional associations:

  • International Society of Accelerated Resolution Therapy

  • British Columbia Association of Social Workers

  • Canadian Association of Social Work

Master in social work and an undergrad in psychology. My passions throughout academia were in the anthropology of healing, spirituality, meditation, and language.

Prior work in communities with a focus on palliative care. Following that, acute settings in pediatric mental health; crisis management and eating disorders. Mental heath and substance use clinician on an interprofessional team; group facilitator.


Familiar with cognitive behavior therapy, internal family systems work, dialectic behavior therapy skills & motivational interviewing.

Completed multiple certificates in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and advanced Emotion Focused Family Therapy. 

Certified Accelerated Resolution Therapy clinician.

Training in Compassionate Inquiry® with Gabor Mate

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